ضابط مشاريع إدارية | وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum

ضابط مشاريع إدارية | وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum 

ضابط مشاريع إدارية | وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum
ضابط مشاريع إدارية | وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum 

Administration Projects Officer

Bank of Khartoum 


Supervise day to day the services providers and provide an office based support service. This position will carry out all aspects of the administration of all BOK’s operational sites with specific importance to the controlling of the Plan on CMMS and its related paperwork.

Key Functions

1.Projects management

2.Administration support

4.Government relations


1. Projects management

1.1 Responsible for planning, execution and supervision of all projects operational activities

1.2 Control all sites of BOK premises

1.2 Conduct site visits to evaluate locations to be utilized by BOK.

1.3 Address and resolve problems which come out from projects during constructions period.

1.4 Responsible of review all designs submitted by consultant.

1.5 Lead a team of engineers, assistant engineers, and technicians

1.6 Responsible for all civil work for BOK premises

1.7 Participates in the planning, designing, construction & maintenance of projects.

1.8 Control all internal relocations activities in conjunction with other Administration Department Staff.

1.9 Covering emergency request after work hours.
2. Administration support

2.1 Ensure that all utilities bills and invoices are received and paid on time through the proper channels in Administration Department and ensure that all premises related annual subscription are paid.

2.2 Responsible for achieving availability, maintainability, reliability and safety standards.

2.3 Ensuring compliance with the Bank’s Health & Safety Policy and procedures.

2.4 Compilation of reports as directed.

2.5 Liaison with other staff in Administration Department to ensure carrying out all tasks properly.

2.6 Carry out any additional duties as requested by the Project or Administration Manager

3.Government relations

3.1 Work as focal point and responsible of all issues related to ministry of planning and infrastructures, Water corporation, electricity, etc.. and BOK

Any other responsibilities assigned by the supervisors

- At least a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Architecture or Building Services) from a recognized university.
- At least 5 years of relevant experience in project & facilities management and/or engineering design and maintenance.

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