IT Payment System Specialist | وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum

IT Payment System Specialist |  وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum 
IT Payment System Specialist |  وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum
IT Payment System Specialist |  وظائف بنك الخرطوم Bank of Khartoum 

IT Payment System Specialist

Bank of Khartoum | 03/02/2022


The Delivery and Payment Systems Support Specialist leverages his/her knowledge of the various payment channels used in the Banking to Manage supporting Banking Systems and Electronic Banking Systems to provide minimum down time with high availability, reliability and scalability. In addition to providing ad-hoc support, the Delivery and Payment systems Support Specialist’s work will include the development and execution of consulting on ongoing Projects and Required


Key Functions :

  • IT Applications management and Support
  • ATM Switch
  • POS Switch
  • Card Personalization and operation.
  • Supporting applications
  • Supporting systems integration
  • Projects development and execution
  • IT Policies, procedures & Risk management
  • Customer services


  • IT Applications management and Support

· Provide 24/7 including out of hours Support to all running system based on Issue Severity and Criticality.

· Handle communications with and link between different stakeholders, departments, vendors and contractors and respond to inquiries related to DPSS.

· Apply preventive measures to oversee, predict and prevent service disruptions and downtime to all services related to DPSS.

· Monitor availability, health and performance of DPSS systems, services and integrations.

· Apply root cause analysis to investigate, troubleshoot and resolve technical incidents and service disruptions. Apply and introduce methods to restore services as soon as possible when affected.

· Use proper channels to report or escalate bugs, complaints, issues, incidents and problems, to other parties, such as internal departments, external vendors and service providers. Facilitates support by responding to required inquiries and providing required logs, documents, query results, reports, etc.

· Provide level 2 support and respond to raised or escalated complaints, issues and inquiries from customers or internal departments.

· Deploy and implement fixes, patches, updates and upgrades to different DPSS systems, applications and modules, as received from external vendors and support teams.

· Create test cases and test scenarios and perform UAT, regression, pilot and production tests for DPSS services, integrations, systems, applications and modules, in event of any update, change or upgrade.

· Perform frequent backups to applications, configurations, reports, services and documents.

· Apply strict measurements and thorough checks to ensure transaction security and privacy and comply with security policies developed by bank, local regulators and industry standards.

· Continuously analyze and evaluate systems and processes, to introduce and suggest improvements and enhancements to result highest stability, reliability, usability and quality levels, and increase productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

· Develop quality standards, service levels and deliverable description. Analyze, define and review systems requirements in alignment with different business, technology, competition and compliance needs.

· Contribute in designing and improving application functionality, behavior and scenarios for different DPSS related systems.

  • Projects

· Apply project coordination, project management and task prioritization abilities to lead different DPSS projects and deliver high results, meeting required deadlines and complying with required deliverables.

  • IT Policies, procedures & Risk management

· Participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and priorities for assigned programs. Recommend, develop and administer policies and procedures.

· Work with teammates on maintaining risk management procedures, business continuance scenarios, contingency and disaster recovery plans for the related systems to maintain operations during downtime and/or major disasters.

· Identifies and makes recommendations regarding critical points of failure.

· Participate in implementing policies and procedures for business continuance and disaster recovery plans.

  • Customer Services

· Monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures.

  • Undertake any other duties of a similar level and responsibility as may be required from time to time.

Bachelor in Engineering/Computer Science/IT or related fields

Strong Command of the English Language

Active Listening

Oral Communication

Confidence Delivering Training Sessions

Interpersonal Skills

Customer Service

Provide Product Knowledge


Support to Internal Teams

5+ years of solid experience in managing Application Support teams and Production Services

2+ years of support experience working in critical systems for a large multi-national commercial/corporate bank

Exposure to Banking and financial industry with a strong preference for Payment processing

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