Senior Procurement Officer | شركة سكر النيل الابيض

Senior Procurement Officer |  شركة سكر النيل الابيض

Senior Procurement Officer |  شركة سكر النيل الابيض
Senior Procurement Officer |  شركة سكر النيل الابيض

 تعلن شركة سكر النيل الابيض في مقرها في الخرطوم و موقع العمل بولاية النيل الابيض لحوجتها لتوظيف :

Job Title:
Senior Procurement Officer
Reporting Structure:
The Senior Procurement Officer is reporting directly to the Procurement Manager.
Job Purpose:
Responsible to facilitate procurement operations, management of purchase orders and contract execution, coordination cross functionally and supply tracking to maintain procurement business process is well adopted.
White Nile Sugar Company, Sudan
Main Duties & Responsibilities:
1) Coordinate the procurement plan with requesting departments to accomplish purchase requisition (PR).
2) Process the Purchase Requisitions (PR’s) into RFX’s (RFQ, RFI and RFP) with approved list of suppliers.
3) Maintaining and acquisition of commercial quotation and estimated prices from approved and potential suppliers.
4) Process purchase orders through ERP system and follow up on the receiving process.
5) Follow up with finance and suppliers on the payments affection.
6) Daily update/report on the purchase requisitions status.
7) Analyze the commercial offers, create competitiveness through negotiation, and justify any purchases (cost, time quantity, awarded supplier…etc.).
😎 Ensuring accuracy of purchase order quantities according to the purchase requisition and prices according to the market prices.
9) Align with clearance & forwarding, transportation and warehouses to supply the required material or service.
10) Negotiate with suppliers the cost, delivery and after sales service and payment term to fulfill the
requirements on-time in-full and achieve financial savings.
11) Respond to user departments on the inquiries.
12) Ensure that all materials and services are supplied in accordance to budget, standard specification or technical acceptance.
13) Responsible to manage contract form and tender forms with the required departments.
14) Maintain continues update on the market prices, market dynamics and cost drivers.
15) Daily, monthly and annually report on the purchases, prices, volumes and payments as well as to report supplier performance and appraisal according to the executed orders and contracts.
16) Ensure and follow the procurement policies and procedures of archiving and documentation.
Minimum Qualification & Experience:
• B.Sc. in business management, supply chain management, engineering or any relevant field.
• Minimum 1 – 2 years of progressive experience in supply chain and procurement particularly.
• Recognized as a supply chain professional.
• Experience in FMCG Supply Chain (Procurement, Planning, Customer Service, Logistics) is preferable.
Skills’ Requirements:
• In depth knowledge of procurement and supply.
• Excellent analytical skills.
• Excellent English language (speaking, reading and writing).
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Project Management skills.
• Excellent negotiating and influencing skills, at all levels are essential.
• Excellent IT skills to include wide experience of word documents, advance excel spread sheets (including pivot tables, logic functions and charts) and PowerPoint.
• Excellent planning and organizational skills.
• Good negotiation skills.
Closing Date: 17.2.2022
• Good Salary comfort condition

• Interested candidates should send an email to:

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