مهندس منشأة Facility Engineer | Savola شركة صافولا

مهندس منشأة Facility Engineer | Savola  شركة صافولا

مهندس منشأة Facility Engineer | Savola  شركة صافولا
مهندس منشأة Facility Engineer | Savola  شركة صافولا

Date: 05-Apr-2022

Khartoum, 03, SD
Company: SUD

Facility Engineer

Responsible for ensuring proper use of the plant facilities and provide the technical advice when required.
Responsible for planning and re-planning the maintenance activities (Annual, Monthly, and daily) in a coordination with the planning engineer.
Responsible for preparing the annual budget that required to cover the planned maintenance activities.
Responsible for proposing justifiable Capex that required to facilitate and improve the work environment.
Supervising the maintenance team and provide the required support.
Ensure facilities team are well trained and all knowledge gaps were addressed in a way that the team is confidently able to conducts all the responsibilities assigned to them and been able to technically support the facility users.
Ensure that all safety standards are followed when conducting the maintenance activities.
Ensure the planned and un-planned maintenance activities are timely performed considering the work priority.
Responding to the service requests with a proper coordination with the requesters to ensure tasks are timely and smoothly conducted.
Requesting an out -Source services for maintenance activities which cannot be handled by the facility team and ensure that the job has been done properly.
Responsible for creating the required purchase orders (PRs) and follow-up their approval cycle and execution.
Responsible for monitoring the maintenance spending and performs the best practice to ensure proper cost control and to have a cost saving.

Responsible for generating agreed daily, monthly, and task reports.

Minimum Qualification, Skills and Experience Required:

Education: BSc Engineering or related field
Experience: 5 to 7 years with at least 3 years in relevant position.

Language: Arabic (Preferred), English (Preferred)..

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