Finance Controller| Dnata travel | UAE jobs

Finance Controller| Dnata travel | UAE jobs

Finance Controller| Dnata travel | UAE jobs
Finance Controller| Dnata travel | UAE jobs

Finance Controller (GFR) - 2200010S
Closing date: Jun 03, 2022

Job Purpose
Manage the month-end closing of the financial books, perform detailed financial reviews of the Group entities submissions, and authenticating the quality of reconciliations to ensure that the financial numbers are complete and accurate. Provide key support in the preparation and audit of the Group's Financial Statements. Review Group entities financials to ensure that they are compliant with the Group Policies and IFRS.

 Job Outline: 
- Manage the monthly closing of the books after completing pre-closing checks and handling exceptions with the concerned sections/departments to ensure that the financial numbers are complete and accurate. This will entail the review of balance sheet nominals through a process of validating balances through a variety of checks e.g. using trends, awareness of the business, the accounting entry flow, change in activity levels, etc. 
- Manage the end-to-end financial accounting functions (i.e. accrual, reconciliation, and controls) over certain receivables and payables in high-value business areas. 
- Perform detailed financial reviews of the Group entities with an aim to ensure that the accounting and reporting policies as per Group Manual and IFRS / local GAAPs are consistently applied by the entities’ management. 
- Review the Group entity submissions to identify balances with significant judgements and management incentives and ascertain the accuracy of such balances through inquiries, contract reviews and validate in line with the business performance, quarterly Group Reporting Packs and IFRS guidance. 
- Discuss the review findings with the entities’ management and obtain their buy-in on the proposed management action points. 
- Review Group company submissions for timeliness, completeness, and accuracy. Analyze the movements in balances, obtaining explanations for significant variations. 
- Review the quality of reconciliations performed by Group entities and provide them improvement solutions so that the efficiency of the process is increased and the risk of errors is reduced. These solutions would have to be tailored to the entity’s business operations considering the constantly changing processes and new business initiatives with a view to cover the risks associated with the changes. This would entail changing processes, methods of / approaches to reconciliation. 
- Manage and prioritize the assigned objectives to achieve the work plan as per deadlines.

Qualifications & Experience
Experience: Finance, Accounting and Assurance : 5+ years Qualifications: Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) 
- Accounting Degree, preferably a qualified accountant with at least 6 years relevant experience in a large organization, preferably within the travel industry. 
- Strong accounting and technical skills in a service company with different lines of business operating in a multiple currency environment. 
- Ability to analyze complex and large financial databases. 
- Assurance experience to critically review and validate large numbers reported by the Group Entities. 
- Flexibility to travel internationally.

Salary & Benefits
Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world. You can find out more information about our employee benefits in the Working Here section of our website www.emirates.com/careers. Further information on what’s it like to live and work in our cosmopolitan home city, can be found in the Dubai Lifestyle section.

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