CSI Manager | Haggar Group

CSI Manager | Haggar Group 

CSI Manager | Haggar Group
CSI Manager | Haggar Group 

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 Job Title CSI Manager Department CSI 
Grade A1 
Based at HCL Office Haggar Co. Ltd – Khartoum North – main HQ office


 To set the strategy and manage, promote and enhance Haggar Group's Sustainability and Social Impact programs, in line with the Group's strategy and business plans through which the company can encourage socially responsible participation with its various constituent. These include but are not limited to its EPs, surrounding community, environment, and State and National agencies. 

The primary focus will be to give meaning to the state's purpose in the company's mission statement; "Let us work together in peace and harmony to build up new industries which will be of benefit to us, and more importantly to the countries and people that we chose to invest in and work amongst." All actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal.

● Prepare, review, and update CSI Strategy, ESG policy, and relevant Programs for Haggar
● Effectively work on Haggar Group stakeholders' engagement strategy and
implementation with the creation of a communication/consultation platform.
● Encourage proactive and positive sustainability best practices and align CSI &
sustainability management to business strategy at the group level.
● Ensure that CSI measures are taken seriously and strategically embedded across
business operations.
● Manage the effective implementation of the CSI Plan and measure
success/effectiveness across agreed criteria.
● Evaluate proposals submitted by partners or/and national or international NGOs, and
monitor / manage implementation.
● Identify, implement, and monitor community development initiatives.
● Coordinate activities with Haggar Foundation to ensure there is no duplication in
● Create and manage an annual CSI Budget for the company.
● Monitor performance and provide reports at monthly, quarterly and annual frequencies
to the CHRO and CEO that include budget variance and effectiveness of the current,
planned, and completed projects.
● Raise CSI awareness at different levels of the Group and its respective companies.
● Manage all CSI publications and communications through all the various channels
available, including the Haggar Community Magazine.
● Compile and collate all CSI-related material and documentation, ensuring all events and
initiatives are properly documented (Audio, Video, and still images as needed).
● Establish and maintain a CSI database
● Build the department capability, set, and agree to individual goals for all direct reports,
and evaluate individual performance by providing regular feedback and coaching in line
with good people management practices
● Perform other roles as shall be assigned by CHRO and CEO.

● Postgraduate degree in Development Management or a related field.
● Ten years of experience in a similar role with good exposure and understanding of
environmental management/projects, with a minimum of 4 years in management
● Past experience with an INGO or an NNGO
● Strong knowledge of environmental management, CO2 inventory, and ESG
● Good command of both Arabic and English language (spoken and written)
● Readiness to travel within and out of the country as needed


Core competencies
1. Teamwork
The ability to work collaboratively and support others as part of a team, in a respectful and
professional manner in order to achieve a common goal.

2. Communication
The ability to convey clear, concise, and easy-to-follow messages, verbally or in writing to
different audiences and actively listen to the responses.

3. Integrity & Ethics
The ability to behave in an honest and trustworthy manner in all business dealings,
displaying moral character and full adherence to Haggar’s values.

4. Ownership & Accountability
The ability to work with a high sense of responsibility; the passion to achieve desired
outcomes and deliver results at a superior level.

5. Creativity & Innovation
The ability to think outside the box and develop imaginative ideas to generate unique and
valuable solutions to problems that drive new and improved ways of working

6. Flexibility & Adaptability
The ability to positively adjust the behavior and working style to business priorities,
changing work conditions, unexpected challenges and/or opportunities

Managerial competencies
1. People Management
The ability to efficiently lead, guide, inspire, and motivate people to deliver their best
performance and contribute to the team’s goals
2. Strategic Thinking
The ability to plan and develop tactics and strategies that are aligned with Haggar’s vision
and short & long terms business plans

3. Problem Solving & Decision Making
The ability to take a balanced judgment in thinking and weigh up different options to reach
a logical conclusion and recommend effective solutions in all business-related matters

4. Influence & Negotiating
The ability to act with persuasion and tact and convey one’s ideas to others, changing their
opinion and gaining favorable agreements

Technical competencies
1. Stakeholders Management
The ability to identify, analyse, plan and implement actions designed to engage with
internal and external stakeholders

2. Project Management
The ability to identify, appraise, implement, monitor, and evaluate projects that aim at
empowering individuals and groups of people with resources to effect change within their

3. Intercultural Awareness
The ability to respect diversity and adapt one’s approaches accordingly

4. Sustainability Thinking
the ability to understand and apply the concepts of sustainable development throughout
the various activities of the CSI department and the Group

5. Documentation and Publishing
The ability to develop, generate, maintain and share records/information related to all CSI
Initiatives and projects

Closing date: 20-6-2022


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