Purchase and Contracts Assistant | Bank of Khartoum

Purchase and Contracts Assistant | Bank of Khartoum
Purchase and Contracts Assistant | Bank of Khartoum
Purchase and Contracts Assistant | Bank of Khartoum

Purchase and Contracts Assistant

Bank of Khartoum | 21/06/2022 | Head Office
Job Closing Date:  25/06/2022

Job Summary :

The purpose of this function is to negotiate, coordinate, search, organize and file all procurement related to overhead expenses and Capital Expense. Implement the Bank procurement policies and procedures through processes the purchase requests from different departments and source, review, negotiate & procure materials and services in compliance with the set policies and procedure.

Key Functions :

1. Procurement management

2. Administration support
Contract legal matters


1.Procurement management

1.1 Deliver the complete procurement cycle for the local and overseas purchase of materials and services, ensuring end user requirements are met in terms of time lines, cost, quality and specifications..

1.2 Access database to identify potential supplier’s materials and services. Prepares bid packages, invites bids, clarifies queries, receives offers and consults with end users to confirm compliance with technical specifications.

1.3 Analyze and evaluate proposals, comparing prices, specifications, and delivery dates to identify and recommend preferred suppliers.

1.4 Negotiate with suppliers in order to secure competitive advantages and ensure that Bank position is protected.

1.5 Address issues regarding the more complex contractual disputes in order to protect Bank position and achieve satisfactory resolution for all parties

1.6 In conjunction with “procurement supervisor”; assess the performance of suppliers to ensure agreed service levels are met and maintained. Identifies areas of shortfall and recommends remedial action.

1.7 Establish, foster and maintain productive relationships with suppliers to ensure good, reliable sources of supply and information

1.8 Conduct research into local and overseas markets in order to identify and assess new or alternative sources of materials and services that meet Bank specifications and pricing standards

1.9 Ensure Transparency in place in spirit of the team efforts.

2.Administration support

2.1 Receive end-user requests for procurement of materials/services and undertakes checks to ensure completeness of information and proper authorization

2.2 Ensure all purchasing activities are undertaken in line with established policies, procedures and standards in order to maintain and promote the integrity of operations.

2.3 Prepare all required reports from procurement systems.

2.4 Review product catalogues, trade journals, publications and the Internet in order to maintain current and comprehensive technical and commercial knowledge of materials and services

3 Contract legal matters

3.1 Coordinate with legal staff on all contractual issues in order ensure Bank position is fully protected throughout the procurement cycle

• Any other duties assigned by the supervisor.

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