سكرتيرة Secretary

سكرتيرة Secretary 
سكرتيرة Secretary
سكرتيرة Secretary 

An entity working in the field of Sudanese exports based in Khartoum (2) would like to hire an executive secretary with the following qualifications:

1. Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from an excellent university.
2. At least one year experience.
3. Proficiency in English language, speaking and writing with all fluency.
4. Full knowledge of everything related to computers and correspondence via e-mail and writing letters in Arabic and English.
5. Working in a team that can handle work pressure.
6. It is preferable to live in Khartoum.
7. Those with a driver's license are preferred.

* Remunerative allowances.

The last day to apply is Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Please send your CV to the e-mail

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