مشرف عمال Labor Supervisor | شركة مروج

مشرف عمال Labor Supervisor | شركة مروج

مشرف عمال Labor Supervisor | شركة مروج
مشرف عمال Labor Supervisor | شركة مروج

Labor Supervisor 
- Closing Date:14/7/2022


Job Purpose:

Workers Foreman is responsible for helping assemble and prepare raw material to production machinery. Their duties include supervise placing raw materials or products into manufacturing machines, assemble the waste and deliver to Material clerk.
Key Tasks & Responsibilities:Prepares work schedules & attendance sheet for labors to ensure efficient operations.
Ensures that employees comply with applicable safety regulations, policies, and procedures.
Receive raw material & packaging from warehouse & deliver it to production team.
Counting and arranging the quantities of raw materials waste, damaged packing materials, classifying them, and coordinating their shipment with the production clerk to the agreed places/stores.
Liaison between Warehouse workers and production team.


Qualifications & Requirements:
University/school Diploma degree is Required.
+3 years’ experience in labors supervision.
Ability to work 12 hour.

Knowledge & Skills (Competencies):Excellent communication skills.
Strong teamwork & collaboration with co-workers.
Ability to organize a work schedule.
Ability to solve disputes between workers.
Excellent knowledge of the food industry and processes.

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