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IT Support trainee | MAXNET شركة 

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IT Support trainee

Khartoum, Sudan

Job Summary:
The IT Support Specialist is responsible for providing end users with technical assistance and support related to computer systems, hardware, or software. Service Desk Specialist also responds to queries, runs diagnostic programs, isolates problem, and determines and implements solution.
Duties and responsibilities of the job
• Handle incoming queries and help requests from end users via the ticketing system, email, or over the phone and take detailed notes of the problem the user is experiencing.
• Determine steps users can take to resolve the issue, and manage the flow of incoming support requests.
• Resolve user technical issues by remotely accessing the user’s computer and making changes to their system and settings, walks the user through steps they can take to resolve the issue on their own.
• Escalate user support requests to higher-level IT support specialists and experts if they are unable to resolve the issue on their own and provide experts with notes regarding the problem, steps they have already taken to resolve the issue, and their diagnosis of the user’s problem.
• Maintain detailed records of user issues with software and hardware to help diagnose and repair complex issues and also provide IT department with data regarding recurring issues and problems reported by multiple users and look at a user’s history of software or hardware issues and make recommendations to prevent future problems.
• Install, upgrade and remove operating systems and approved applications on end users machines, servers, other machines as required.
• Provision, modify, and remove end users accounts on identity management, enterprise applications systems, other system as per the approved process.
• Perform system tests and updates after completing troubleshooting and necessary repairs to prevent future issues and service interruptions and ensures that troubleshooting and updates have not caused problems elsewhere within the system.
• Support department-wide operations by creating, editing, and maintaining IT documents such IT assets, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), training manuals, etc.
• Submit regular reports about company’s IT assets performance, security status and other KPIs.
Job qualifications and requirements
• BS or BA in a computer science and engineering
• Must be graduated with minimum second upper degree
• 1 -2 years’ experience in service desk operations
• Knowledge and hands-on experience in service desk operations
Other skills required:
• Good communication skills
• Experience assisting users on phone, email, etc.
• Analytical and problem-solving abilities
• Customer service orientation
• Patience for dealing with difficult customer-service situations


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