Budgeting Professional | وظائف شركة Sudani

Budgeting Professional |  وظائف شركة Sudani
Professional. Budgeting |  وظائف شركة Sudani
Professional. Budgeting |  وظائف شركة Sudani

Job Description

Position information
Position Name (Title): Professional. Budgeting
Division: Finance.
Section: Financial Reporting &Budgeting
Unit: Reporting &Budgeting
Position Reporting Lines: Manager. Financial Planning & Budgeting

Main Job Purpose:
The financial analyst is responsible for the financial planning and analysis of a business. responsible
for analyzing financial statements and predicting the future performance of the company. This
includes forecasting future revenues and expenditures, as well as modeling capital structure and
budgeting. Also responsible for keeping track of a company’s financial plan andanalyzing the
company’s performance, alongside changes and market trends, not only helps to make forecasts but
also allows them to calculate variances between those forecasts and actuals to track down and
explain the causes of these variances.

Duties & responsibilities:
• Analyze financial data and create financial models for decision support
• Report on financial performance and prepare for regular management revie ws
• Analyze past results, perform variance analysis, identify trends, and make recommendations
for improvements
• Work closely with the accounting team to ensure accurate financial reporting
• Evaluate financial performance by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans
and forecasts
• Guide the cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures
• Provide analysis of trends and forecasts and recommend actions for opti mization
• Recommend actions by analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses
• Identify and drive process improvements, including the creation of standard and ad -hoc
reports, tools, and Excel dashboards
• Increase productivity by developing automated reporting/forecasting tools
• Maintain a strong financial analysis foundation creating forecasts and models
• Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, financial analysis, and familiarity with data query/data
management tools

Functional Competencies
• Team worker and team leadership.
• Accountability and Adaptability.
• Time Management Skills.
• Communication skills.
• Analytical skills.

Technical Competencies
• Critical thinking skills.
• Report on financial performance and prepare for regular management reviews .
• Enterprise resource planning ERP software
• Verify accuracy of financial information.
• Gather financial records.

Job Requirements
• Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics
• Strong fluency with Excel formulas and functions

• A minimum 3-5 years of experience at least 2 years in business analysis or other relevant experience
• High proficiency in financial modeling techniques
• Strong fluency with Excel formulas and functions
• (Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance/Economics)
• Strong analytical and data gathering skills
• Strong interpersonal skills, including written and oral communication skills

• Arabic
• English


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