مدير مشروع Project manager | RoHab

مدير مشروع Project manager | RoHab

مدير مشروع  Project manager | RoHab
مدير مشروع  Project manager | RoHab

Requirement for Job
- Has a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business Administration or Information Technology
- Experience in the field of electronic payment systems.
- At least five years of experience in project management
job description.
- develop project management plans and private plans (management of quality, personnel, risks, cost, scope, time, subcontractors, procurement, changes, communications);
- perform an audit of IS configurations;
- conduct negotiations;
- develop, agree and approve a change management plan with project stakeholders;
- determine the necessary changes in the IS to implement the change request;
- evaluate the impact of changes in IS on the main parameters of the project (goals, deadlines, budget);
- agree on the need for changes with key stakeholders and the project sponsor;
- control the fulfillment of contractual obligations in terms of deliveries and payments;
- monitor the risks associated with the implementation of contracts;
- resolve disputes under contracts through negotiations;
- prepare reports on the status of execution of contracts;
- work with quality records (including corrective actions, preventive actions, requests for correction of nonconformities);
- show leadership qualities;
- provide training for the project team;
- provide public recognition of the achievements of project team members;
- evaluate the performance of the project team;
- develop a draft budget for the project, agree it with key stakeholders and approve it;
- prepare orders for the opening of the project and the formation of project working groups;
- to interview;-
to apply sent CV:
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