محاسب Accountant | Crystal (ِArak)

محاسب Accountant  | Crystal (ِArak)

محاسب Accountant  | Crystal (ِArak)
محاسب Accountant  | Crystal (ِArak)

 Araak Group is Hiring!

Accountant – Kosti
No Vacancies: 1
Company: Crystal
Main Job Role:
• Responsible for the company’s sales management and reporting.
• Ensuring that sales are accurately recorded on a timely basis.
• Following up with delivery partners on delivery sales on a monthly basis.
• Payment for the suppliers.
• Ensure all expenses are recorded accurately.
• Managing the custodies and attract to clean it.
• Bank reconciliation monthly basis.
Qualifications & Years of Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
• 3+ years of experience in the same field.
Knowledge Skills & Working Condition :
• Attention to detail.
• Good communication Skills.
• Problem-solving.
• Knowledge of reporting.
• Working under pressure.
•Living in Kosti is a must.
Interested candidates are kindly requested to send an updated CV to

by October 6th, 2022.
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