Assets & Inventory Specialist | Sudani شركة سوداني

Specialist. Assets & Inventory | Sudani شركة سوداني
Assets & Inventory Specialist | Sudani شركة سوداني
 Assets & Inventory Specialist | Sudani شركة سوداني

Specialist. Assets & Inventory

Sector: Finance & procurement
Division: Finance
Section: Fixed Assets and inventory
Unit: Fixed Assets and inventory
Position Reporting Lines: Manager. Fixed Assets and inventory

Main Job Purpose:
Specialist. Fixed Assets and inventory is responsible for maintaining proper Assets and Inventory documentary system
(e.g., records).

Duties & responsibilities:
• Record cost of all newly acquired fixed assets & Intangible assets.
• Ensure appropriate asset life cycle and categorization.
• Properly calculate and recognize assets costs
• Run Monthly Depreciation and Amortization.
• Ensue appropriate assets numbering and tagging.
• Ensure proper distinguish for capital and revenue expenditure.
• Handle capital work of progress analysis and proper capitalization.
• Track inventory daily Transactions – Receiving, handling, Storing, Transferring and Selling are smoothly working.
• Ensue Inventory costing process is working properly.
• Ensure Proper inventory Items identification and classification.
• Stocks counting arrangements.
• Assets counting arrangements.

Functional Competencies
• Communication Skills (Written& Spoken)
• Teamwork& Collaboration
• Professional Ethics
• Follow-up
• Details Orientation

Technical Competencies
• Proficiency in Advanced MS Excel
• Proficiency in big data software.
• Analytical skills.
• Report Writing.
• Expertise in ERP

Job Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in accounting, Business Administration, or any related field.
• 0-1 year of experience, 6 months experience in Assets & Inventory field is preferred.
Languages: English and Arabic

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