Business Assurance Professional | Sudani شركة سوداني

Business Assurance Professional | Sudani شركة سوداني

Business Assurance Professional | Sudani شركة سوداني
Business Assurance Professional | Sudani شركة سوداني

Job Description

Position Name (Title): Business Assurance Professional
Sector: Finance
Division: Finance
Section: Business Assurance & Fraud Mgmt
Unit: Business Assurance
Position Reporting Lines: Business Assurance Manager

Main Job Purpose:
• To support the Business Assurance function in the business with an aim to minimize and identify
revenue loss & fraud losses from daily operations.
• Ensure proper handling & management of alarm and alerts as well as ensuring , A proper
documentation in accordance with acceptable business procedures.

Duties & responsibilities:
• Responsible for proactive identification, prevention and management of fraud risk.
• Responsible for measuring and reporting the financial leakage of Sudatel .
• Analyze usage controls and carry out full investigations to identify true root cause.
• Support both internal and external audit processes, be the catalyst between BA and IT for
data/information sourcing and collection.
• Maintain in-depth understanding of industry trends relative to revenue risk and loss avoidance.
• Be Responsible for continuous improvement and special projects to identify new revenue
• Conduct quantified BA measurements and controls over the company’s revenue streams to maintain
and improve levels of revenue leakage issues and management procedures.
• Responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all works outcome, methodology and evidences
• Forming comprehensive judgments about the information based on findings and evidence.
• Responsible for maintaining confidentiality of all sensitive information related to investigation and
• Assist the RAFM head in the formulation and implementation of revenue assurance strategy.
• Assure accuracy of reports sent to third parties and other functions in the organization.
• Provide dashboard, financial and operational repots to Business assurance Manager.
• Quantify and recover losses incurred, as a result of vendor errors and assure that penalties are
received and booked in the financial books.
• Analyze systems and tools requirements and assure implementation of systems are in line with
business requirements.
• SQL Developer proven experience and ability to develop and code complex queries on a daily basis.
• Improve assurance on figures reported as revenue.
• Identify actual and potential revenue leakage .
• Lead appropriate actions to stop/reduce and prevent any identified leakage
• Review traffic movement and identification of any potential fraudulent around areas covered.
• Report on all revenue loss incidents & reporting for areas covered.
• Implement, review, modify and manage Big 10 and RA Manuals controls list to cover emerging risks
and better management of existing risks
• Work closely with Operational & Finance units, and implement and manage change initiatives that
will reduce revenue leakage, measurably reduce costs and therefore increase margin. Also as a result,
then aim to improve organizational efficiency and productivity
• Other duties as required.

• Customer Focus
• A sense for accuracy, attention to Detail
• Predictive Analytics & Data Mining
• Teamwork and Team Leadership
• Negotiating
• Decision Making
• Achievement Focus.

Needed Skills
• Strong technical, operational and financial skills
• Database design and network level.
• Business Intelligence and Data Management Concept.
• Knowledge of leading Business Assurance practices and solutions
• Ability to convince other functional units regarding control matters.
• Strong communication skills.
• Business assurance concepts.

Job Requirements
• Bachelor degree in Engineering, IT or other related fields
• 3-5 years Revenue Assurance experience, Fraud, Network, Billing in telecom environment
Languages: Excellent English and Arabic

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