RAN Senior Engineer | Sudani شركة سوداني

RAN Senior Engineer | Sudani شركة سوداني
RAN Senior Engineer | Sudani شركة سوداني
RAN Senior Engineer | Sudani شركة سوداني

RAN Senior Engineer
Sector: Technical
Division: Network
Department: Network Experience Center
Section: RAN & Infrastructure
Unit: Radio Access Network
Reporting to: Manager. Radio Access Network

Main Job Purpose (Job Summary):
The main purpose of this Job is to provide technical support for Radio Access Networks. The role includes
Monitoring and Troubleshooting end-to-end cellular technology and solving radio network-related issues.

Duties & responsibilities:
1. Responsible for Radio Access Network and service availability.
2. Monitor Fault and O&M KPI of Radio Access Network.
3. Investigate problems and troubleshoot the fault of Radio Access Network
4. Prepare daily, monthly, and annual Performance Report for Radio Access Network.
5. Analyze O&M KPI reports to propose suitable solutions/optimizing the Radio Access Network
6. Handle the emergency duty (24/7)
7. Support planning team in current/new services to achieve marketing requirements
8. Support project Teams to ensure proper implementation of running projects.
9. Support network expansion, software patch download and system upgrade.
10. Responsible for new site integration and commissioning (GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G-NR).
11. Perform Health check and Advanced routine maintenance for Radio Access Network
12. Implement Corrective maintenance and Preventive maintenance for Radio Access Network

Behavioral Competencies (e.g., soft skills, Management, and leadership skills)
1. Effective communication (Verbal& Written)
2. Problem Solving
3. Collaboration
4. Customer Focus
5. Proactivity

Technical Competencies (e.g., Job-specific skills – Technical knowledge and abilities)
1. Research& Analysis Skills
2. Knowledge of resolving complex GSM/UMTS/LTE network related issues
3. Expertise of current and new GSM/ UMTS/ LTE/ 5G-NR technology
4. Negotiation skills
5. Project management skills
6. Critical thinking& Analytical Skill

Person Specifications (Minimum Qualification, Experience, training, or certificates)
– Minimum Academic Qualification:
Bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering, or any other related educational field.
(Electronic, electrical, and telecommunication …)
– Minimum years of Experience:
Minimum 1- 3 years of experience in Radio Access Network
Training or certificates:
Radio Access Network or relevant Certificate is preferred
Languages: Arabic/ Fluent English

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