اعضاء فريق الترويج للشركة بالجامعات FUN Team Member | شركة زين Zain

اعضاء فريق الترويج للشركة بالجامعات FUN Team Member | شركة زين Zain

اعضاء فريق الترويج للشركة بالجامعات FUN Team Member | شركة زين Zain
اعضاء فريق الترويج للشركة بالجامعات FUN Team Member | شركة زين Zain

FUN Team Member



Zain SD

Job Description

Job Description
Department/Section: Customer Experience
Job Title: FUN Team Member – (Future University Network Member)
Reports to: Customer Experience Supervisor

Job Purpose:
The primary responsibilities of the individual(s) holding this position is to act as a dedicated sales, marketing, and customer service channel for youth in universities, to market and sell Zain products and services as well as build product awareness and brand loyalty among the university community digitally and physically and provide realistic market feedback for FUN Team Supervisor and Team Leader.

Key Duties/ Responsibilities:
Promote & Sell Zain products & services (particularly digital services, solutions and IOT) and services and make the right sales presentation to identified FUN team prospects.
Promote Zain products and services through social media platforms.
Understand ZAIN products and act as “One on One” awareness tool for youth segment.
Constantly building ZAIN product and Service knowledge among Students University and YOUTH and delivering this knowledge in engaging ways.
Reflecting youth segment voice to Identify and understand customer needs and requirements to provide suitable value proposition for them.
Act as ambassador to create a positive image of Zain brand
Provide Zain with the university’s events and main activities sponsorship requests according to the events plan, conditions, and process.
Responsible for participating in the universities events to increase brand loyalty within the youth segment.
Responsible for participating in Zain events to establish and nourish brand loyalty.
Responsible for the security, Confidentiality & Integrity, of all information assets within his/her responsibilities in accordance with the company’s Information Security Policies.

Performance measurement:
Monthly sales and promotion report.
Voice of Customer Report.Results achieved against requested.
Participation on events and activities.

What Do You Need to Qualify

Qualifications/ Experience:
University student preferable first or second year (undergraduate.
Interpersonal and presentation communication skills.
Excellent computer skills using Microsoft Office products.
Honest, reasonable and faithful.Elegant and dressing well.Skills and abilities:Excellent communication and the ability to interact effectively with management and colleagues.
Flexible and accepts changes.
Must have strong interpersonal abilities and should like to work with many different people
Confident and able to work independently, and under pressure
Confidentiality & Integrity.
Team Work: Ability to Work well with diverse teams and Builds good work relationships.
Initiative: to complete the work on their own initiative by volunteering for or accepting challenges.
Self-Development: Practicing Self Development, flexibility and energy to adapt, applying this to improve work outcomes.
Adherence to company policies and procedures and remains objective with local/cultural issues.

Vacancy Type

Contact Center Trainee

Job Expires


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